Expand and Heal the Soul through Your INTUITIVE SELF



We come from all walks of life, all sorts of experiences. Our soul speaks to us every day, but we don't always listen or even know how. As children, we nurture ourselves naturally and unknowingly listen to Spirit naturally and simply create. There are no blockages, there is only joy. 

As adults, we forget about our sacred selves as we focus on our physical experiences and learned perceptions. In order re-connect, to create, heal or even expand our sense of self, we can use simple tools that can bring transformation into our lives. Whether you are an 12 or 60,  an artist or a businessman with blockages,  ©  Soul Spirit Creations will assist you by bringing clarity.


You will learn to re-connect to your sacred self. You will learn to listen to your heart, to your spirit, to your guides. Empower yourself and build confidence as well as your intuition.

You will unblock and unlock parts of yourself to become more open and creative for fun, at work, or your own business and to even heal others. 

Empower yourself by learning to see things through a different perspective. Step over your fears. Stop saying "I can't, I'm no good" and take a leap of faith. Work on your shadow self, work on your "disease" and those negative thoughts in a safe and relaxing way using creations as a tool to release heavy energy in yourself. Unblock and flourish. 

If none of these are you, then simply learn to relax, de-stress be creative and live a life of joy, fun and wellness. Try it out, you will make, color, draw...and you start again. just as each moment is a chance to start again. If you are an expert or a novice, no worries! Spirit takes you were you need to go! 


Self discovery & Transformation

Give yourself permission to have fun

Every session is different, you may start with meditation, learn to perceive energy or breath and then paint, draw or create.

Bring the following

Water bottle, comfortable clothes (if you're painting, be ready to get dirty)

Make a choice

Sessions are 1 hour. If you need to finish a project you can schedule another or take your project home to finish. VERY affordable session  but you can also choose to do an all day healing combination.

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© Soul Spirit Creations

Choose this if you simply want to relax, have fun, unblock.

Get guidance from Rocio and a reading from your your creation. Online or In-person       $60    1 Hr


Soul Spirit Combo

Choose this if you want to have a spiritual healing journey and create. Dress comfortably.    $121 1.5 hrs