About Rocio

Medicine Woman and Healer

At almost 50 years of age, I am a mother and former teacher. People refer to me as a Curandera as I work with my Peruvian family lineage using prayer and shamanic practices of the Andean and Pachakuti Mesa, I am an Ordained Minister and knowledgeable in many practices including the Medicine Buddha, Sound Healing and more. I am also a former Special Education teacher.

In order to  teach others to heal themselves, I had to heal myself first. My path through shamanic initiation involved Fibromyalgia, cancer, lupus,  and more. After realizing the power within I was able to heal and rise up from illness in order to help others.

Spiritual Life, Relationship, Wellness and Intuitive Advisor

Working with Earth and Spirit I teach you to accept and remember your own Divinity in this life. I help you to navigate in your daily life while connecting you to the spiritual in order to heal yourself from the depths of your soul. For it is now scientifically proven that illness stems from our negative thoughts and stress. I work with men, women and children with spiritual needs from illness, PTSD with traumas from deep childhood emotional wounds or war, accidents etc, relationships, ancestral healing, support for healing, intuitive development and support, as well as general wellness, spiritual counseling and conscious living.

Unconditional Love

In my work there is no judgement. I work with all people, all ages, all backgrounds, all religions, preferences and beliefs simply hold space for unconditional love. "We are all one" in the life and therefore we are the same.

Gratitude & Healing

Almost a half hour long, listen and get to know Rocio and hear her words of how gratitude and healing became a part of her sacred jounrey.

An evening with Rocio & Rogues on the Road

This podcast is almost an hour long. You can listen to her words to see if this is your energy and a match. For those on a spiritual path, you can begin to hear how Rocio's journey began almost 40+ years ago, have some insights related to egg cleansings, cacao ceremony...and a little humor added too! Watch, listen in your car or wherever your at.