Cacao CeremonIES & Journeying

Cacao ceremonies are a gift of love. It is a heart opener which you allow yourself to go in as deep as you want. It is away to give thanks and ask blessings from Mother Earth, Pachamama...Some beautiful orbs in this video.

Despacho Ceremony

Hundreds of forms of Despachos used for blessings, healings, manifesting and more! By clicking on pictures below, you will have explanation

Ceremonies are deep and personal to you. These are sacred moments so you must treat yourself as such! Group ceremonies are guided as much as private ceremonies. Nothing is ever revealed in ceremony that is personal to you but people love to share experiences which are always welcome!

Exchange:$40-100pp depending on venue 

$151 Private ceremony (1-on1)

Cash preferred. Pre-paid as announced.

Paypal button is attached for your convenience but other apps and methods can  be used if requested on 


If you are unable to make your appointment and cancel 24 hours in advance, I will either reschedule or refund 100% of the price. For later cancellations, I will reschedule I will refund 50% of the amount. Thank you for your understanding.





Click on the picture for 2 min video 

This is a beautiful Andean Ceremony which can be used for celebration, harmony, release, healing closure, purification, financial stability, manifestation, memorial services, weddings and many other things. A Despacho is a prayer offering in a bundle, through herbs, flowers and edibles, that used to honor and heal the Earth (Pachamama), yourself, your ancestors, family work breaking obstacles, protection and much more.  (Indoor/ outdoor ceremony)

 Dress comfortably in white or bright colors. 

Children and adults can do this!




Click on the picture for 2 min video with subtitles

The Cacao was used in ceremonies by the Olmecs and Meshica of Mesoamerica for medicinal purposes and as "food for the gods". Cacao was used to commune with the gods, for visioning, in some cases while hunting. The ceremony uses raw cacao which comes from the beans from pods  grown on the tree. All you need is an open heart and open mind. Experiences may vary from unblocking of physical and spiritual blockages to other things as well.  We make no claim to cure these things but cacao has a magical way of opening your heart to get to the root of all things. Every time you come there is a different experience.

Ceremony is 3 hrs long. No caffeine 4 hrs prior. Recommended to eat clean the day of and/or day prior, drink lots of water day of and eat light before the ceremony as this is a heavy substance. Please wear white to group ceremonies, (Winter- shawl or just top in white and blue jeans is fine but NO black. Thank you!

Children can participate with adults





Ancestral healing is integral in your journey through life and in moving forward and unblocking. Our patterns, behaviors, blockages are all related and carries through our DNA. Therefore our ancestors are always physically and spiritually with us. We can be holding on to energies that are not our own.

Every ceremony is different and brings different experiences, sometimes it involves honoring your family tree, sometimes healing a loved one, breaking a pattern or an illness and more. 

No caffeine/alcohol prior to event please. You may be asked to wear white or bright colors and bring in names or pictures but not always necessary. You may also be asked to bring an offering such as a flower, seed tobacco, small food (i.e an apple, piece of bread etc). mat & pillow. 

 Children can participate with adults




When we are hit with a traumatic event, our spirit can be fragmented or split. A part of us takes off for safety, if you will. Here, we do not feel the same, we might say "I feel like part of me is missing" or "I don't feel the same anymore". We may be depressed or have other symptoms.

 Preparation can help the whole experience of spiritual healing so here are a few suggestions:

-Choose a time for the soul retrieval where you can have time for yourself afterward

-Refrain from alcohol and other mind-altering substances 24 hours before and after your soul retrieval

-Spend time connecting to nature before and after your soul retrieval

Private sessions only




Journeying is a shamanic practice where one can travel to different spiritual or physical realms. When a person journeys, the soul leaves the body, and can travel to a spiritual aspect in need, such as going within the earth, or above it or some other place. We use terms such as upper, lower and middle world to divide or map the cosmology, but there are a wide variety of destinations.  All you do is lay down comfortably. Sometimes there is drumming, rattling, bells or other sounds or techniques used. It is fairly simple and can be very relaxing.

An empowering ceremony is similar to a soul retrieval but you will receive gifts on your quest that can enable you to better manage your everyday world. Dress comfortably, no  belts.






Spiritual hilkes with conscious intent and often ceremony. Meet, connect and heal with the plant people, the stone people, the four legged, the winged, the furred and the creepy crawlers. Get grounded through Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Spirit. Every hike is different through the forest, to a brook, river or waterfall. 

Cleansing one here as well.

All year round.

Children and adults welcome.




We all have wounds and healing to do but did you know that when you heal, you heal 7 generations forward and 7 generations back? Woman have wounds and so do men. Ceremonies can involve both and can be used  to heal an intimate relationship, a parent and child relationship, an ancestor relationship and more.

You can come alone, do couple healing, hold ceremony as a family or even hold ceremony for your family without everyone being present  in a safe place. No need to share old stories just allow for healing to take place energetically. You can also do a gratitude ceremony to bring blessings and clear the way for a new beginnings.  1.5-2 hrs




 While in the womb we receive fears, doubts anger, worry , trauma and anything that i concerning to our parents at the time we are preparing for birth.

You can heal these wounds, travel back into this time or even bless and heal children waiting to be born. Cleansing and retrieval are part of this as well.

Every experience is different as are your needs so please email your request and questions to


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I dress?


For sessions or evening ceremonies, I ask to dress in all white or light colored clothes. In winter blue jeans are fine. No black or dark clothes as we are representing the spirit of the light for our ancestors as well as honoring a very old style of curanderismo (shamanism).

Can I eat and drink coffee?


Prior to sessions you can eat a healthy meal but try to eat light or clean and drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid headaches and dehydration. No caffeine, sugary drinks or foods and drugs at LEAST 4 hours prior.

What can I expect from a session or ceremonies?


Everyone has different experiences. You will only experience what you can handle and what you will allow consciously and subconsciously  at the time of ceremony. Rocio is these to guide and protect you at all times, so you are in good hands!


 Spiritual healing and energy work are not a substitute for traditional medical treatment or psychotherapy.

If you have a serious health imbalance, please see a doctor or other appropriate professional and make complementary healing part of a complete health care program. These pages are offered as part of my practice as a healing minister and are not to be taken as medical advice but as spiritual information. 

All methods on this website are spiritual methods of energy balancing for the purpose of stress reduction, relaxation and well-being. They can involve “the laying on of hands”, although this is not required for them to be effective. While these modalities can be used entirely on their own, they are not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Rev. Rocio La Rosa does not diagnose conditions nor does she perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. Any and all of these healing modalities can be used together with any other form of medical, natural or alternative therapy in order to complement it.