Tuning in to your energy...

Energy is all around us and it is possible to access this energy through time space an all dimensions when you connect with all that is. In these energy sessions, you will go through meditation and energetic healing. Rocio uses a method that was channeled to her years ago where she can tap into your blockages through ages and move then so you can receive healing in a clearer way. You then lay down on a table (or floor) and Rocio will take your through a quiet session through guided meditation or breathing and work with crystals, stones or flowers as guided.

This session is good for anyone old or young children as well especially if you are looking for something to bring you calm and peace. (A cleansing or Limpia is always recommended first but this is optional). These sessions can be done every 3-4 weeks or whenever you are feeling like you need a re-set.

Please note this is NOT for those needing a Limpia or Full cleansing. You can always email to verify or or book a 30 minute consult ($40) if you are not sure.

Exchange: $100 

Wear loose clothing. No caffeine 3 hours prior.

Book by email and provide days of the week and best times for your session. Remember that booking varies from week to week.