Frequently Asked Questions


How do I dress?

For evening ceremonies, I ask to dress in all white or light colored clothes, no black or dark clothes as we are representing the spirit of the light for our ancestors as well as honoring a very old style of curanderismo (shamanism).


Can I eat and drink coffee?

You can eat a healthy meal but cacao ceremonies are special. You must try to eat light or clean and drink plenty of water throughout the day to avoid headaches and dehydration. Caffeine, sugary drinks or foods and drugs should be avoided (caffeine and sugar at LEAST 4 hours prior)


What can I expect from these ceremonies?

Everyone has different experiences. You will only experience what you can handle and what you will allow consciously and subconsciously  at the time of ceremony. Rocio is these to guide and protect you at all times, so you are in good hands!