For You!

Maybe you're not sure, maybe you need a little help, maybe you just need to sample...Here's a few things you can do for you!

TRy THESE OUT! And let me know your results via email...

Spiritual Baths


These are available if you are new to this service. If you're not sure about the spiritual baths. You can ask for a sample. 

They are simply sea salt, herbs and intention. 

These samples are for clearing and lifting. Simply fill your bath, pour it in, lay in it for 10-15 min, pat dry & go to sleep. See how you feel the next day.

 The majority of people feel good but if anything appears heavy or off...maybe you need a cleansing. If that's so, you can use some of the other things posted on this page.

To make a request simply email  and let me know why you need a sample, how you heard of me and send me your address. You will only be sent one to try. Thank you for understanding.

Shamanic song/Icaro


Icaros are simply songs that the shamans use to invoke assistance, guides and spirits to help.

You can listen to this if you want to sample what you will hear during a ceremony or a session.

If you think you may need a cleansing: Listen, not watch, with head phones or loud speaker. See how you feel. IF it bothers you in anyway, set up a consultation or send me an email at



Prayers have power due to the multitude of conscious energy said over hundreds and thousands of years. They work! If you need to clear your space, need temporary relief or have an emergency cleansing needed or even simply want to maintain your space clean. DO the following:

1) On Youtube, look for music with the OM chant and let it play in your space for an hour or more.

2) Say the St. Michael prayer of protection

3) St. Patrick's Breastplate

Any one of these or all three. Once a day or 3 times a day. Send me a text and let me know how your results!

What should I ask for in a reading


Limiting yourself to yes/no questions is not good. You should be seeing someone to get guidance and expansion so you should ask "How can I..." "What can I, he or she do to..." "What is the best way to..."

In this way you will receive more valuable information that you can use and grow from.