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The need for social distancing is now bringing this work online and in-person. With good weather we can go outside to open parks and forests to continue working with the land. Exchanges on the bottom of the page. Thank you!

Spiritual Mentoring with Rocio


 "We are all one."- If we are truly one, then we accept all cultures, all views, everything and everyone. Whether we agree or not, we just accept and respect others' beliefs and use this as a way to learn more about the spiritual without any walls to stop us from growing. 

Organic Teaching

What does this look like?

Mentoring through Rocio is a very organic form of learning. Not one with books or rules. True curanderismo or shamanism is about learning from within and exploring the world and life around us. You will be using tools from nature and your own experiences, you will explore the environment around you and learn to speak and listen to the energies around you. This is the school of "Kausay" or in short, life experience. If you choose this path, you will be nurtured in a way that you will grow to develop your own creativity, your own path, calling and techniques. There are always spiritual laws that need to be followed but, you will learn to be your true self. You will learn through oral teachings and have an opportunity to journal and explore on your own.


Who is this for?


  • Those beginning a spiritual path and need guidance, understanding and practical information and tools.

  • Those looking for some guidance or ongoing support, because you feel lost or stuck or you find yourself at a significant turning point of your life, and need someone to serve as your personal growth partner. 

  • Those looking for long for deep, life-changing transformation. You feel ready to live consciously and be of service to others.

  • You want someone who is not going to impose rules and outlines but meet you exactly where you are. The whole point of mentoring other people is not to have them become a carbon copy. It is to fully nurture their own dreams and thoughts, their own unique paths and calling , guiding them through their journey. 

  • You can do this in-person and now offered online to help maintain social distancing.

What you will learn


  • Connecting with your guides and ancestors.

  • Everyday tools to connect, guide and heal yourself and others

  • How to work with your energies and the energies of others

  • Protection

  • Ritual and ceremony basics so that you can create your own as you grow in your path

  • Alternative perspectives to use and work with your self, clients and others.

  • Support on starting your own healing business

  • Self-empowerment, self-love, integrity




This is ongoing at your own pace. You will be given assignments and other tasks to help you practice and integrate from lesson to lesson. Everyone is different and unique. Although bi-monthly sessions are recommended for steady progress, you will go at your own pace. Payment plans are offered through PayPal, as financial assistance, which upon completion you can book your session. 


This work is for those who are truly committed to their unraveling and development of their own gifts. This is NOT an easy path. You have to be willing to go deep to look within for healing of the self first and throughout. This means diving in to the shadow self. This means, revisiting (consciously or subconsiously) people and situations that you have been avoiding or unwilling to deal with. They will come up as you let go of old wounds etc., in order to heal and grow. For some this may be simple, while for others it may be difficult. You are here with a mentor to assist and guide you. Things are spoken in truth (no sugar coating), as a mother bear does with her cubs. This sometimes means pushing you further so you can learn to thrive on your own. All you need is to trust in yourself. You are always held in safety and in love. 

Spiritual Mentoring & Coaching in-person or online

Spiritual Connections $111

Life Purpose & Soul Mission $333

Vision and Transformation $222


Spiritual connections brings more connectivity to the subtle energies around us. If you are just beginning to explore and want to understand how to make a stronger connection with your divine or intuitive connection or want to understand spiritual changes happening in your life, then this package is for you. This is learning to build your self-esteem in the knowing that you are always connected and learning to listen. This is online or in-person and you can stop at any time.  First session includes an intuitive reading. 

Go at your own pace.


Vision and Transformation $222

Life Purpose & Soul Mission $333

Vision and Transformation $222


Vision and transformation brings power to our lives and is powerful. It is learning to see things through a different lens. A simple "Flip of the switch".  This is for those already in the process of spiritual transformation in their lives, who need guidance with their own practices, clients, web pages, etc. or who simply want to go deeper into their own personal journey and perhaps learn how to open their business and how to work with their clients. Continue your vision and transformation.  Go at your own pace online or in-person and you can stop at any time. 

1.5 hrs

Life Purpose & Soul Mission $333

Life Purpose & Soul Mission $333

Life Purpose & Soul Mission $333


 Knowing your Life Purpose and Soul Mission can be a beautiful experience. This is for those who want to dive in deep and are wiling to look deep into the darker, more emotional parts of life, and are willing to do all that is necessary. In this package you will learn to live as a divine being, accepting all parts of the self. Receiving guidance from the ancestors and all of life around you.

Indoor and outdoor experiences as needed.  Two scheduled video chats are included and one ceremony a month. Can be done online, via distance and in-person. 2.5-3 hrs 

Curanderismo & Mentoring


Please understand this is not another modality, license, or quick learning course. This is a LIFESTYLE. Curanderismo or shamanism involves a working knowledge and co-creation with the elements. You must be willing to go out in all weather, within reason. Here you will learn to work through the elements, the ancestors, the earth, air, fire and water. This includes rocks, trees, the sun, moon stars, This also means learning to speak with the ancestors of in your personal lineage, your spirit guides and spirit animals through tools, rituals and ceremonies. This involves building your relationship with God, the Universe and all there is...that which is known by a thousand names.

* Please note that with the COVID-19 we cannot come together in close proximity so I will direct you via distance and provide more online training addressing your needs during this shadow work and if you have access to the out doors, we will do an virtual outdoor meet. I will also be recording as much as is possible. Activities done outdoors can be done with social distancing as long as you are comfortable or I will direct you. I am here to support  and will do the best to my ability in this situation. Remember, you can do a lot with one of the other sessions provided above as well!

You will first need to have a brief meeting/interview in-person or via video chat and decide whether you want to proceed. Your initial session that lasts approximately 2-3 hours and the exchange is $250. This includes a reading, cleansing and ceremony, to further assess your needs and to see whether or not you wish to proceed.

You will have an email follow-up or video chat. 

These sessions are then met monthly, depending on your needs and choices. Each  includes a reading, if needed, cleansing , video and activities for continuity. 

You must be willing to go out in all weather, except extreme cases. Group ceremonies are required as curanderismo is about community but not being held at this time due to COVID. This choice requires a year commitment but learning is always a lifelong process. You are always welcome to continue. Opportunities to travel in future, will be announced. 

Choice of Exchange 

$444- 1x a week support and scheduled phone/video chats per month (4 total + your scheduled class)


$250 - One 2 hr class per month with assignments, video learning as needed. Can schedule 2 video chats per month.


$121-  Per class (You decide frequency per month) Includes 1 follow-up email or video chat conference your own pace.



"...As much as I thought I was on the right path, something was missing from the equation..."

"...Healing and learning with Rocio has given me great confidence to remove the old, heal the pain-body and connect to my roots. Her ability to connect with me, the spiritual realms and elements allows a safe environment to be created for healing and nourishment. I'm beyond grateful to have her a part of my transition and to have gained a soul sister. " -Diana Negron, CT


"During this lifetime I have sought a guide that would assist me in my ascension."

"The path to finding Rocio was illuminated in ways that I can only express gratitude for. I truly appreciate everything that I have learned and continue to learn with Rocio's guidance and understanding of the world around us. She has helped me not only find healing but a path to ascend to a potential I never knew I was capable. She teaches and guides with kindness and wisdom and I couldn't ask for a better teacher to start my journey." - Anonymous




Spiritual connections $111

Vision and transformation $222 

Life Mission and Soul Purpose $333 

For  Curanderismo choose from the following :

$444- 1x a week support and scheduled phone/video chats per month (4 total + your scheduled class)


$250 - One 2 hr class per month with assignments, video learning as needed. Can schedule 2 video chats per month.


$121-  Per class (You decide frequency per month) Includes 1 follow-up email or video chat conference your own pace.

Calendar Bookings

Unavailable at this time. When booking through paypal, you can make your date and time requests and she will get back to you to confirm within 24 hrs.