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July 2019 Overnight Retreat

Just a brief look at what can go on in a retreat with cleansing, healing and ceremonies.



You are not stuck, you are just afraid to move out your old belief systems and patterns... Isn't it time that you move forward and face things head on with the knowing that everything comes in Divine Timing, that we are NOT in control and that that is OK! Changes and endings are good things and we should embrace them as such. It means that you are growing, that your evolving and we do this throughout our lives until we are no longer here.

We spend so much time asking ourselves, why, how and what if or tell ourselves, we should have...Know that every decision you have ever made was supposed to happen. It was not correct or wrong it just was. From these decisions, things took place  in order for you to wake up and make changes in your life.  But what if you don't know who who are or where you are going or what's going to happen next?

Spend 2 nights to find your sense of self. Find your divinity in ceremony and ritual and learn to face your fears head on in a beautiful and most tranquil space surrounded by trees and the warmth of Pachamama, mother Earth.

You will set intention and be given assignments prior to attending and begin with an evening of fire meditation followed by ceremony. Next day you will discover and reconnect with the Earth, with your center, through various practices that will allow you to open your hearts and your mind once again. You will receive indigenous cleansing with water and herbs and more. Have the rest of the day to integrate or enjoy energy work. Then receive a deep journey in ceremony with sacred cacao. Next morning, meditate and give thanks to the Earth.


The Overnight eXPERIENCE

A private session with a beautiful stay over in an Airbnb near Teatown

You can drive up or come in on the Metro North and Rocio can pick you up and drop off. Whether it's winter or summer there's always availability  at this beautiful 1770's house near Tea Town in Ossining, New York.  

This historic area has 1,000 acres. Teatown is the largest privately held nature preserve in Westchester. It has biodiversity and a beautiful eco-system which allows for a beautiful space for healing. This charming former dairy farm has high-end furnishings, two fire places, a fire-pit and private patio. Should you want to  come, you'll be sharing the home with the owner and her two Golden retrievers Libby and Hudson so must love dogs and no smoking please!

With cozy clean rooms and beautiful outdoor land to walk hike or simply relax, accommodations are for $110 a night. A few more pics below are pics of the rooms


What To expect on your over night stay

Plan to do deep work and Relax

Arrive at 11 a.m. and settle in to your room. In the colder months, you will stay here and either drive over to Montrose (only 15 minutes away) or Rocio will pick you up or arrange for pick-up to do work in her office. In the warmer months, you will spend the day, experiencing one on one transformation at the converted barn.

You will begin your day with meditation and consultation. You will then work on the emotional, physical and spiritual matters by way of creation, energy work, cleansing, hiking (if weather permits) learning to honor the land and environment around you as well as honoring yourself.

You will then be offered a healthy and organic meal as we then prepare for ceremony in the evening. You will have quiet time alone to relax and set intention before ceremony that evening which will last approximately 2-3 hours.

Some integration work will be done and you will be left to stay at the home. Next day you will enjoy scones and tea provided by you the home owner. You will then join Rocio for an early morning meditation and closing ceremony. Then we will close your work with last words and recommendations.

Exchange:  TBA 

DO to things happening worldwide, we are ceasing all public events...for now!



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