Expand and Heal the Soul through intuitive creations


What is Soul Spirit Creations

We come from all walks of life, all sorts of experiences. In order to heal or even expand our sense of self we can use simple tools that can bring transformation into our lives.

Many of you probably remember taking a crayon, paint or marker and doodling away without a care in the world. it made you happy, curious, calmed you down or gave you excitement. This was Rocio, who couldn't paint a stick figure to save herself yet when tuning in to spirit, she could create beautiful things and so can you!

Who is this for?

For healers or those wanting to heal- 

You will open your third eye, become more intuitive or learn to become intuitive. You will work on your shadow self in a safe and relaxing way. You will use creations as a tool to work yourself or your family.

For those who want to create and have passion-

You will unblock and unlock parts of yourself to become more open and creative. You will unblock the creative process in your mind, at work, or your own business.

For anyone who want to empower themselves by creating a more beautiful you. Learn to see things in a different perspective. If you ever thought or were told you couldn't create, couldn't draw, couldn't paint or  never found something to be good at, here's your chance.

This is a creative journey with Spirit

Soul Spirit Creations is nothing but love through Spirit. Nothing but your own process, no judgement, a safe and relaxed atmosphere with others who are exactly like you! You see, we all have fears, we all have perceived weaknesses and things to work on, it's part of life's journey or we would not be on this Earth.

Spirit will guide you through Soul Spirit Creations that will work with you on a deeper connection than you thought. You will be amazed at how spirit comes through to show you what you need to know. 

The  best thing is that this can be done at workshops, private sessions in Montrose or online from the comfort of your own home. 

Your JouRNEY is all about choices