For those who are on a spiritual path, who are opening up their gifts, who need guidance and/or practice to your own gifts. This is not learning to imitate Rocio's gift but learning how to open up and work with your own gifts. 


This is ongoing at your own pace. You will be given assignments and other tasks to help you practice and integrate from lesson to lesson. Everyone is different and unique. You will go at your own pace.


This work is for those who are truly committed to their unraveling and developing their own gifts. This is NOT an easy path. You have to be willing to go deep to look within for healing of the self first. this means diving in to the shadow self. People and situations that you have been avoiding or unwilling to deal with may and will come up as you let go of old wounds etc in order to ascend. So for some this may be simple while for others it may be difficult. You are here with a mentor to assist and guide you but things will be assessed and spoken in truth (no sugar coating) as a mother bear does with her cubs. Sometimes pushing them in further so they can learn to thrive on their own. All you need is to trust in yourself. You are always held in safety and in love.


If you are not sure what to follow, you will need to have a full session first which includes cleansing, healing and a reading to further assess your needs. This lasts approximately 2-3 hours. This is $200. You will have email follow-ups and 1 phone call/video.

Choice 1 ) For those who are just beginning in their own spiritual work and/or need guidance with practices, clients, webpages, etc  or need to go at their own pace the exchange is $70 per hour, online or in-person. With this choice , you can stop at any time.

Choice 2) For those who specifically want to learn curanderismo, this is done in old school style with a counseling session to see what your needs are and why you want to learn. Not everyone is readily accepted as this is a strong path to follow. This is a complete lifestyle change involving humility, honoring of the ancestors and deep work which can very difficult at times as you work with the shadow self. It involves breaking old patterns and beliefs. This is ongoing as well. The exchange is $2,000 and will include your participation of any ceremonies up to 2x a month(not workshops) such as Despacho, Cacao ceremonies throughout 1 year. Please email interest and to discuss further details.

Choice 3)  Workshops all relating are continuously offered and are an affordable way to learn.


Just email and book and appointment to discuss.