If you are interested in more than one event or workshop per month, please email or call for discount

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Workshops are listed on the events page but here is some information to help you out...

Self-discovery through Spirit and Earth involves being open, vulnerable and trusting...in yourself.  The way to open this veil is by being creative in your heart, mind and spirit. Rocio works using colors and creative spirit in order to communicate with all that is. 

Workshops vary from learning protection, getting creative, meditation, connecting with the ancestors and so much more. What you most fear is what you need to explore, for these are the blockages in your life. If you were ever told  you can't, you shouldn't, or that's no good then these workshops will help you to overcome these blockages and bring something beautiful into your life. In these workshops and events EVERYONE IS EQUAL. No one is above or below, there is no judgment whether you are new or already practicing. 

Rocio invites you to come and explore in safety and in love...

Here are some workshops we will explore...

Awakening through Art

Ancestral Creations

Readings through the ancestors

Protection and Cleansing

Meditation through the indigenous archetypes

and much more!....